Thanks for this week. Aaron truly improved :) you have been very helpful with your classes. Please stay in touch with your up coming programs and schedules. Will bring Aaron back again. 

Cheers,  Ben

Hi Ice Dreams,
I am very pleased with how Jonathan has progressed over the last three weeks.  He has shown much improvement.  

Thank you,  Diana

Hi Neda,
thanks for giving Ellie a little bit of extra attention that she needed.  We were all very happy with the last lesson because she was very happy, relaxed and proud.  Please continue encouraging her so she can become a more confident skater.


Hi Ice Dreams,
You are doing great work.


Hi, Neda
Nice seeing you on Sunday.

My son had a great time on Sunday. He can stand up by himself now. Thank you very much for your patience and encouragement (You were counting the numbers when you encouraged my son to stand longer). Thank you so much.

See you next Sunday. Jane

Thanks for today. We are away next weekend, but certainly want to get a few more private lessons. My kids loved it. Thank you so much.

Cheers, Eileen

Hi Neda,
I heard you saw Danny and Zachary yesterday. Zachary loves skating and wants to go as often as we'll take him!

See you soon. Erin

Hi Ice Dreams
Thanks to you guys both Golta and Aarya are doing great.

I hope you have a great family day and see you on Sunday, Atossa

Thanks Ice Dreams.
He really enjoyed the skating on Sunday.


Hi.  As you may of noticed Josh is not signed up for skating for the spring session.  We have elected to take a little break for the spring and summer and will be back in the fall.

You have a great program and we are so impressed with Josh's skating skills at this point. He has had a great experience with Ice Dreams for which you should be proud!

Thanks, Danielle

Hi Ice Dreams,
Marina’s progress is amazing.  I’m so glad she is in the program. She will be on the ice this weekend, thanks for the push.  Sean and I were talking about how dedicated you are to skating and how much we love your program.  I have told all my friends about it and hope they join.

I look forward to your email to arrange for a private skate.  Marina just adores  you!



Hi, Can you send me the link to the registration form?  By the way, Yoni had a very good time – liked the group and the coach.

Thanks, Leora

Thanks Ice Dreams,
He is more comfortable with his new group…I also like the fact that the ratio with Lukas is 3:1…which is great.  The coaches are really animated and great with kids.

See you Sunday…

Thank you for the information. I'm writing to ask if there are any openings for fall for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. She took lessons at Ice Dreams Skating Academy this past spring. She would like to continue and we were very impressed by your program. We're interested in continuing lessons if spaces are available.

Best regards, Patrick

Thanks for your help with Ben, we think you are doing very good work with him. He is faster and has better balance, and all his skills are improving. He has a long way to go, but he is getting there.

We will see what happens at his next few hockey practices.

From watching him during practices, the biggest thing for him is stopping. I think if he could stop decently, he would really improve quickly. All of the things you mentioned, we will continue to stress with him.

I will keep in touch, and sooner or later he might need some additional work with you.

Cheers,  Gill.

Hi Ice Dreams
Amichai had such a good time this summer in your camp.  We want to enroll him on Sundays and his teacher said he would be going for level 3/4.  What are the time slots for his age he is turning 7 December 16. Can you please send me the information for that time slot?

Thanks, Leora

Hi Neda,
You had said you might be interested to coming to see one of Ben’s games. I’m sure it would be very rewarding for you. His skating has improved in leaps and bounds. He now stops very well. He is getting to be one of the faster skaters on his team, and his footwork has improved. He still needs, work of course, but it is exciting to see the vast improvement almost from one game to the next. In his last game, he scored two goals. He now has six goals in ten games. I thought he would be lucky to score one goal the whole year!

No obligation of course, but I’m sure Ben would be thrilled to show off his budding skills for you. If you decide to come, let me know which game and we will look for you.

I hope all is going well for you.

Regards, Gill.

The kids had a great time! Pls be in touch about Passover (spring break) camp as well as end-of-summer camp.


Hi Neda,
I thought I would pass along a season end Ben report for you, just for your interest.
His skating continues to improve and his hockey performance continues to amaze for a kid who just started skating in August.
In his last three games, he had a 4-goal game as well as a 3-goal game. He ended the regular season with the third most goals on the team (see below).

Hope you are doing well, best regards, Gill.

Hi Neda,
I didnt get a chance to say good-bye on Saturday you were kind of busy... I wanted to thank -you  and your team. Andy had a great time & totally built up his confidence on skates. We look forward to seeing you again in the fall.

Thank- you once again & e-mail me registration info. Tassie

Yesterdays Medal Ceremony was awesome, the boys wore their medals all night!

Hi Neda,
Hope you are well.
I wanted to let you know that I will be dropping off the registration form tonight for my daughter for the Spring session.  She took Beginner bronze over the winter and loved it! 

Thanks, Mindy