A Stride At A Time Pre-School Programs...

FALL 2017 / WINTER 2018

FALL 2017 / WINTER 2018

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ALL PRESCHOOL CLASSES ARE With just the skater and the coach on the ice - No Adults on the ice for this program

AGES: 2.5 - 6

Beginner BRONZE  -  LEVEL 1

Designed for children with little or no experience to introduce skaters to the ice.


Skillful SILVER  -  LEVEL 2

Designed for children who are able to stand up unassisted with balance and are able to march across the ice confidently.

Gifted GOLD  -  LEVEL 3

Designed and suited for experienced skaters who are able to push and glide forwards, march backwards and stop.



  • CSA-approved helmets with face-masks are mandatory. 
  • Hockey or figure skates that lace up (plastic skates with buckles do not provide the proper support).
  • Waterproof gloves and layered up in clothing that is warm, dark and waterproof.
  • Bicycle or ski helmets are not permitted. 

  • Dates and times are subject to change based on availability.
  • Skaters are grouped according to level first and then by age.